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A collaborative project on circular design products made from multi-use parts.

What is Open Design?
It is the development of physical products, machines, and systems through the use of publicly shared design information

What is Circular Design? 
A design that conserves resources and the environment by planning future reuse and further use of its materials and components

"The Marii" takes a chair designed by Enzo Mari and upgrades it to a circular design chair built from multipurpose parts.

Mari's collection Autoprogettazione is furniture made from basic affordable material that people can make themselves

The redesigned chair still allows for people to build it themselves from affordable materials. it turns the chair into a collection of parts that are reusable in other builds.


Upgrade Enzo Mari's Open Design Chair


add storage, adjustable backrest, and built from multipurpose parts

Prototyping Process

Final Design


Marii Chair

Adjustable Backrest

With a simple adjustment using a wingnut, you can rotate the triangle piece to adjust the backrest to different positions

Multipurpose Parts

Multipurpose parts allow for multiple different builds. Using the Ikego catalog anyone can use a series of parts from the list and create their own inventions


The complete parts list for the Marii chair and for the additional builds