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Sling Chair

An original chair that is easy to transport and has a hammock-like suspension.

Inspiration Board

Burnard Audrey chair2.jpg
Burnard Audrey chair3.jpg

Opportunity - Make a chair that has hammock-like suspension, light weight, easy to transport, and looks good in any room 

Target Audience   


Three rounds of thumbnails where ideas were narrowed down each time until a final design was decided.

Burnard Audrey chair4.jpg
Burnard Audrey chair5.jpg
Burnard Audrey chair6.jpg

First Build

Burnard Audrey chair7.jpg

Tests the measurements, stability, and design of the chair. Built out of Red Cedar and Canvas

Final Build

The building process for the final design of the sling chair. Images of the building process including the blueprints for individual pieces.

Burnard Audrey chair8.jpg
Burnard Audrey chair9.jpg


Renders of the final chair design made in Fusion 360

The Sling Chair

Screen Shot 2023-06-02 at 13.53.23.png
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